Couch to 5K

Week 1 Run 2

Running for the second time was better because I did not think when I was running. There was that mental voice that tried to creep in and I felt some heat in my mind. However, I really enjoyed the music, especially the 5 minute cool down at the end. The music was like a reward for me and everything tastes two time better when I eat after running! I really hope I can continue to fight this voice... If you have tips on how to handle this voice easily let me know :)

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There is always that horrible voice trying to stop you going out to run and then trying to make you stop early on in the run but once you get past that, you're fine. Then the voice creeps back in and it helps me to remind myself why I am running and that the benefits of running speak for themselves. Having a mantra that resonates with you might help, e.g., "Fitter and healthier me," or "Fit and Fifty," "Healthy mind and body." etc.

At the beginning of my running journey, I felt really achey and pondered whether running was for me or whether I should find something low impact to save my joints. I am really glad I stuck with it as I find my clothes are looser, my stomach is more toned, hubby says my bottom is taught :D and I just feel so much healthier and more vibrant! And that is just in 7 weeks! - So do keep at it and I look forward to reading your positive posts xxx


Well done on completing your second run. I agree, it is so much better with music. I agree with kickibro that a mantra could help - decide what suits you. I have got to the stage now where I tell myself I am an athlete in training and it seems to work for me. Good luck with your third run and remember, you will have trained up for the start of week 2 and it will be fine. Best wishes.


Thank you all! I will surely adopt that technique into my brain before I start tomorrow or even today!


Ran for the second time today. Its good to feel we are getting fitter. It is good to have short term medium term and long term goals as they help to overcome negativity. My short term goal is to lose 2lbs a week. Medium term to lose a couple of stone for my daughter's wedding and long term to have a BM! of 22. Personal mantras are helpful.


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