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Week 9 over :D

So I ended up finishing the programme at the gym and I loved it :D when I finished it, I couldn't believe that when I first started I struggled to run for a minute and a half oh my!! The music on the podcast is funny, I think it's a little dull in the middle but to start with, with the 'hey hey hey hey' it's quite catching and helped me run :) thank you to everyone who's commented in the past and encouraged me to keep on going :) now I'm looking forward I running for longer and also running fasting and to be able run 5k in a shorter time :D any tips on that?

Thank you

Happy running


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Congratulations! Well done xxx


That's fantastic well done! Try the 5k+ podcasts, downloadable from this site, they are pretty good at keeping you motivated. Speed will come, just enjoy yourself x


Congrats Shauna. The music was a bit crud in places but I think we all came to love hearing about Julie!

You could move up now to the C+ podcasts, all downloadable from here. I'm running Speed again in a mo

Good luck, and keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep running



The C25k + podcasts are good and doing one run in 3 in which I increase the distance by 10% - aiming for 10k.

Why not spend a happy evening making running playlists? Mine really help keep me going on grim runs.

Enjoy x


Congratulations, you've done it!

I believe the best way to progress is by doing one longer run each week, when you increase your distance or duration, the recommended increase is 10% per week. Use one of your other runs to speed up your 5k by using intervals and keep one run as a gentle easy fun run, maybe on new routes. Set short and longer term targets and the sense of achievement that C25k gives so readily, will still be part of your running on a regular basis. Good luck.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Well done on graduating. Enjoy your success. Best wishes.


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