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Week 3 run 1 done!! :)

After suffering with a cold this week, I wasn't too enthusiastic about starting week 3.. But, I have just been out and done it this morning and feeling great!! The sun was shining, the park was quiet and the blossom trees looked beautiful. I was quite surprised how easy I found it.. Love it! Yay! :)

Plus I must say, all of you on here are great.. I love reading your posts. Thank you x

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Well done, keep at it. The days won't always be so fab but we have to turn out in fog and sleet when all is grey and horrid. This weather makes a real change doesn't it and makes life so much more enjoyable. Everything seems to much cleaner and brighter.

Happy running Jaz


Well done on starting week 3. It's not easy running with the aftermath of a cold (I've just done it myself) so all power to you. I agree, the weather lends itself to being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. Good luck with the rest of W3 and best wishes.


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