Couch to 5K

W4r2 OUCH!

Just done today's run and ouch!! Funnily enough, the 5 min runs were ok, but the 3 min ones were really tough. Back on my normal route, so no surprise gradients, but for some reason the 1st and 3rd runs really got to me. Had to give myself a big mental kick to even keep going during the first 3min. V. odd, but at least I didn't stop. You win some and you lose some I guess.

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Oh absolutely! Some runs are just pants for no apparent reason but we put those behind us and get ready for the next one

Stick with it Mum and you'll get there. Laura will get you to Graduation!


Cheers MissW. I'm already looking forward to Thursday's run. How did I get to be a running addict so quickly?? xx


I completed this run today and also really had to push myself. I found it harder than W4R1 but am clueless as to why. I keep looking ahead to week 5 and thinking how on earth am I going to run for 20 mins but then remind myself that 60 seconds was tough to start with so trust in the programme.


We're gonna be fine bubbagump. We ran for 16 minutes today, albeit without much left in the tank at the end. You're so right, 60 seconds was hard work just 4 short weeks ago. This programme is amazing. Good luck!


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