Week 4 Run 2 ..... OMG scrape me off the floor!

Perhaps it was the one too many G & T's last night, or the fact I prefer morning runs.... Whatever the reason THAT was hard. I really had to dig deep to finish the last 5 mins run.... The last minute I was permanently reading the countdown.... I REALLY can't see me running for any longer..... I'm sure it'll feel different next time... I hope!!!


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  • Believe me, you will be able to do the longer runs when the time comes. On this current run you had disrupted your routine and I suspect that is what threw things out of kilter - happens to us all at some point. You managed to finish it though so well done to you. You will be fine on the third run of W4 especially if you get back to running in the mornings - oh, and maybe save the G&T's for when you are not due to run. Good luck with R3 and best wishes.

  • Awww thank you my lovely!!!! Good advice as always xxx how are you getting on? X

  • Getting on fine thanks. Been laid up with a heavy cold for a couple of days so am taking an extra rest day before starting week 8 - see how I feel tomorrow. If needs be I'll consider spreading the last two weeks over three weeks and just do two runs a week - no point heading for a brick wall. Not being able to run today may have finally motivated me to start doing my keep fit again as it's fairly gentle but very effective. Best wishes.

  • Oh poor you!!! Having a cold must be the worst when running. I hope you feel better soon xxx lotsa love xxx

  • I had a similar issue on the last run of wk3. I always run in the morning but on that day ran in the afternoon, big mistake for me! Every single step was a massive effort from beginning to end of run, and I felt that I was deluding myself and I just wasn't cut out for running. I persevered and kept to the usual routine and everything has been fine since. Hang in there I'm sure the next run will be great ( and if not maybe take the G & T in a hip flask to help you recover! Ha Ha!) Good luck for run 3 X

  • That's so good to read... I will defo stick to mornings & giggle.... Can just imagine being caught with a sneaky G&T in a hip flask... Probably wouldn't help but would be funny!!! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement xxx

  • Yea to you for finishing! That's what counts, you got through it. I've found week 4 much more difficult, but I keep telling myself that you just need to push through it. Laura says in the second 5 min run, "this is where you really build fitness". Well, I hope so cause it wasn't very much fun : ). Good luck on your next run, hopefully it will be a breeze! x

  • I know what you mean - when she said this is where you build fitness I was almost crawling .... But like you said she knows what she's doing, so I'm putting my faith in her..... We'll sell get there... I hope xxx

  • Sorry to hear about your cold Mo! I hope you feel better soon. Running and cold is not a good combo!

    Lisa, you'll be fine. Laura knows what she's on about and she'll get you round. No worries at all.

  • Thank you.... I'm reading everybody has good & bad runs... I'm putting that one down as a pants one lol xxx onwards & upwards xxx

  • Be kind to yourself Lisa....it definitely sounds as if the time of day and g and t worked against you....take those factors out of the equation and I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised!

  • Thank you xxx I agree completely..... Tomorrow will be a morning run & no G & T's xxx

  • Can't believe we've only got one run to go before we hit the dreaded week 5. Good luck for tomorrow, you'll be fab! (and G&T free I suspect!) xx

  • You are doing well Lisa and to go out on a morning run despite the night before was brilliant. When I have indulged then I revert to early evening runs to get it all out of my system and makes it a lot easier. I now tend to only have a drink after a good run - a treat for working hard. I also know I have rest day too! Win win!! Good luck with the rest of the programme :)

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