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Week 4, Run 2 - uncharted territory

Started too fast today. I was just too keen. Must try to pace myself. By half way there was already torrents of sweat gushing off my Niagra Falls brow.

My spurt of foolhardy speed pushed me beyond my usual 15 minute turnaround marker, the physical and mental barrier of the muddy ditch, into uncharted territory and a furthest distance to date. 2.6 miles by the time I hobbled back to the starting marker (beginning to smell). What's that in Ks? Who knows. A small increase in average speed too since the disappointing slowness of last time. Think Laura said something about pushing it is were you really gain fitness, or maybe I dreamt that.

Anyway, feeing okay. Achey breaky legs, but okay. Already looking forward to Run 3... and then the dreaded Week 5?

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Well done Stevey boy, that's what we want to here. Keep going. Me and the bride "mrs ship" ar going onto week 4 run 1 tonight and I'm a little nervous especially in this temp and that our root has some inclines let's say. Not to worry, we shall give it a shot. Onwards and upwards as they say!!!

Well done mate, keep it going!!!!


Cheers mate. W4R1 wasn't as bad as I thought, I just slowed it right down. You'll walk it! (so to speak!)


Hey Steve, we only went and bloody did it. Dug deep and surprised myself, in this heat too,


Well done steve. I'm onto W4,R3 tomorrow, but unless it goes incredibly well, I'll be doing at least one extra run this week, to make up for W4,R2.


Well done, it's amazing how the body really does adapt to this new found running experience, every run feels like a challenge and each week we all surprise ourselves. Good luck on your next run :)

p.s don't know how you run in this heat, I was up running before the world surfaced this morning


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