hypothyroid runners question

W9R2 done and dusted today and feeling great to have almost completed the programme. However, I have a question for anyone else out there who has done this with an under-active thyroid in play. One benefit of any regular exercise is that it boosts your metabolism, right? A good thing under normal circumstances and it seems I have actually managed to persuade my sluggish, dysfunctional metabolism to actually do just that but unfortunately I'm now displaying symptoms of being too 'high' in thyroid speak. Has anyone else experienced something similar or is this post for a completely different forum altogether?


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8 Replies

  • I can't offer any advice regarding the thyroid situation as I don't know anything about this condition. However, I just wanted to say good luck for the final run of the programme and enjoy your graduation. Best wishes.

  • thank you Fitmo! very good of you to say.

  • Hi I am under active and am on Thyroxine after Rai. Like everything I think everybody is different so I can only really talk about myself but happy to share in case it help you. Since finishing the program running has highlighted a iron issue for me. (Low ferritin, common in people with thyroid issues) I had enough energy for general stuff but found that the iron stores were too low for running. I have also had my thyroxine increased by 25mg after graduation. Still waiting to see if that is permanent. I have read that it's not just exercise that can effect your thyroid levels. If you have changed your diet as well that could make a difference. I know fibre makes a difference to absorption. I would say talk to your doc. Mine have been really good and supportive with me and my running, I sometimes have come back from a run and thought I was going a bit hyper but the results haven't shown it. I think sometimes I forgot how alive you can feel. We sometimes get used to sluggish. I would say in any doubt check it out as hyper is not a good state to run in as your body would already be under a lot of pressure. Good luck I hope you get to the bottom of it.

  • Well done for getting so far in the programme - and good luck with sorting out your thyroid situation. Soon be able to add that shiny graduate badge!

  • Thanks! That badge awaits.

    Thanks for sharing that Realfoodieclub. Up until this week I hadn't considered any effects running might have on the whole thyroid situation so it's nice to know there are others who manage it. I'm off to have a chat with the GP in the morning. I'm wondering whether I need to drop a 25 but we'll see. Glad to hear you have a great doc who supports you plenty. All the best.

  • Hi, I am on medication for an underactive thyroid, but my autoimmune system has completely destroyed my thyroid so am unable to be too 'high' in thyroid speak, unless I take too many pills!

    I wonder, are you just feeling 'high' due to endorphins (or something like that)? This running lark does boost your mood somewhat. :)

  • I too am on thyroxine and despite losing some weight and running my latest blood test was OK. GP very supportive of running as he does too but was a bit jealous as he has a knee injury.

    A friend who lost several stone in weight over a couple of years did have a reduction in her medication due to the loss, but perhaps that is because of the amount.

    Let us know what your Dr says.

  • Yes, it seems to do the same thing for me. I got to week 7 run 2 quite smoothly, but ever since the first 20 minute run I have been having palpitations, especially after running which are very unpleasant and even affect my sleep the night afterwards. I paused for a week and had a blood test, after which I was told to lower my thyroxine dose. I started running again with week 6. I hope it will get better now.

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