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Hip pain following a run

I am currently training for 10k and am hitting 6 K in about 37 minutes. Since I have been running that little bit extra I have noticed aches in my hips once I have cooled down. I have little or no pain when I run but my hips are are sore when I am stopped. Any advice would be helpful, I do have the correct running shoes but dont want to push myself and cause an injury.

Thank you

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How quickly are you ramping up the distance? Any increases in training should be limited to <10% per week, eg, week1 = 5km, week 2 = 5.5km max dist per run, week 2 - 6.05km max dist per run etc. Any higher, could lead to injuries. In the short term, you may want to reduce this to 5%, eg week 2 run would be 5.25km.

If you are only getting the stiffness after cooling down, you may want to do additonal stretches, invest in a foam roller or a few sessions with a sports massuese (who can advise on stretches and foam roller exercises). You may also want to consider cross-training on your rest days (eg swimming, cycling or walking). If it persists, then definately worth seeing your doctor or a physio in case it is something more sinister.


I had something similar which became so painful that it would sometimes wake me at night. I've seen the physio and it is much improved with daily stretches and exercise. Those core hip and glute muscles need to be good and strong to support the running. I'd be inclined to get it checked out.


Thanks :)I have looked on the web and am now stretching my hips after runnining this improved it a lot so Im hoing it's nothing sinister. Have done a 5k run since with no problems, so am continuing on with 10k interval training for my next run and see how it goes with stretching. Thanks again for the advice


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