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Ran Week 9, Run 1 yesterday and felt great - now my ankle has other ideas. Help!

Started hurting quite badly about an hour after I got home, and I was limping, but has eased off after a night's rest. I am still gingerly walking around in the hope I don't hurt it. What is the best way to treat it, and should I rest for 2 days and then run the following day? Thanks.

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That's a hard one Rockette. Only you know your body, and you need to be sure you're not going to aggravate any injury you may have picked up. My advice, for what it's worth, is to leave it a couple of days and then just try a light jog for a minute or two; if it doesn't hurt then you should be ok to go for a proper run, but stop if you feel any discomfort.


Actually, I've just noticed the other thread you started about this - far better advice than mine there...


Sorry, wasn't sure where to post and think I got it wrong! Thanks for your advice - I am going to do just that on Friday


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