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Starting again ?

Hi well basically I havent ran much since xmas have popped on half a stone :-( and decided to try and get back into running more but have ran 3 times and get to about 1.5 km and have to walk so I wondered as ive clearly lost my fitness where should I start the program from again was thinking week 6 as run 1 and 2 have walking breaks but wondered if anyone out there has done this already and has any advice ??? Kate

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Having not run for 3 months because of illness my hubby started at week 3 found it quite easy so jumped to 4 and so on till he found his level again . Well done for getting out there again .Pat :-)


Thanks pat have downloaded 4, 5 and 6 will be out fri so hopefully will at least get round with some wslking breaks :-) thanks for advice x x


Hey join the club! I did the same, I'm back now doing 4.5 miles 3 times a week. My advice? JUST DO IT!! Do it for the fun of running, start and do what you can do and the next run push it a bit more, next time push it a little more and so on :0) it's tough to get going again but it doesn't take long to get back in the grove. Listen to your body and not your head, if your head is staying stop then distract yourself, if your body twangs STOP!

Why do you want to run? Latch on to that and go :0)

Good luck!


Thanks for advice I am def listening to much to my head and need to get over that I loved having laura in my ear and the groovy songs so hopefuly I will be back to 5km soon just wondered how long did it take you to get your fitness back second time round x kate


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