thank you Laura for leading me into the light!!!!!!!

am sooooo happy as i have manged at last to run the 30mins of week 9. I had tried twice but failed both times, so this morning i tried it on my treadmill and went back to Laura --- i had been using my own music---- and i have actually done it, i didn't get too out of breath and with the walk either end of the run i hit the magical 5.183km!!!!!! Now i have to keep it up, i am so so pleased. I will do the next run on the treadmill on Tuesday and venture outside for the last one to compare how i do. Anyone out there struggling please don't give up, for the feeling when you finally hit your target is amazing!!!!!

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  • Well done! I hope all goes well with Week 9. Don't forget to come back and tell us how you've got on. Also then you can apply for your Graduate Badge

    Good luck!

  • will do.

  • Enjoy your graduation week - only 2 runs to go. Good luck and best wishes.

  • i have done another 30mins tonight on the treadmill but for some reason i only managed 3.95km compared to the run of just over 5km on Sunday -including the walks either end- how can that be? it is all very bizarre!!!!! But at least i did the 30mins not stop and i enjoyed it, i am going to complete the last run outside. I have been on call for work this week so dare not leave the house in case i need to dash off in the car, which is why i have been using my treadmill. Really hope i manage it on Friday, i will run the flattest route i can and hope that i get nearer the 5km mark, wish me luck.

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