Couch to 5K

Just two more to go

Well I wish I had known that this community existed when I first started 8 weeks ago there have been some hard timestimes and am sure if I had asked you all would have helped me. But on the whole I would say it's not been as bad as I thought it would be.

So with just 2 more runs to go before I officially graduate it's a little odd that I'm looking forward to running now, and to actually finishing the last podcast.

And now I'm thinking what should I do next, I turn 50 next year so am thinking of something to aim for on my 50th year, if I can go from zero to 30 mins in nine weeks, what else can I do in 52 weeks.

Any suggestions please?

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Blimey... The world is your oyster, you are still young... SO I would suggest signing up for a HM ( which is what I did and completed 6 months after graduating. It's about always having something to aim for.. And never ever give up on what you want :)


Thanks for that Juicy just had to Google what a hm is in still so behind . I know it must be really tough but a half marathon sounds like its still a cop out, half of anything is never as good as the full thing.


I'm planning on running a HM distance this morning as part of my training for a full marathon at Eden in October ( once I get out of bed!) and I'm already soooo nervous... I'm telling you it's a bloody long way, ill be running non stop for over 2 hours with my brain telling me to stop and I'm s*** at running etc... At which point I tell it to f*** off and chant my mantra ( push that body, punish that body!). It is really hard and at the end if it I look and feel like a tortured panther! So do sign up for the big one but just be aware it's not easy!!!!

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That is exactly what I mean, 2 hours running seems insane when I've only once done 30 mins and that just about finished me off!

Well I hope you made it out of bed and the panthers body is not too tortured at the end of it all.


Yes, this is a wonderfully supportive community but I do feel that by suggesting a half marathon is some sort of 'cop out' you are doing the rest of the community a dis-service.


Oh far from it that way, I'm in awe of any one who can run that kind of distance, I was meaning more the name of it, like we have 5k, 10k etc, by saying its a half of something is not quite right and doesn't reflect the effort which must have to go in there.


Welcome! Better late than never :)

I think the name HM does it a disservice. 21km is a worthy distance in its own right.

Anyway, there are so many options out there...

Parkruns (free 5km runs on Saturday mornings, find your local one) - aim to improve your pb.

Working up to 10km, enter some races and enjoy them but aim to improve your pb and possibly use this as a stepping stone towards ....

Working up to a HM, which could be a stepping stone towards ....

A full marathon (GULP).

I think most people find a point where the time they can commit to training for longer distances is the limiting factor.

You could also follow the triathlon route. I've also heard of a race in Wales (maybe more than one such race exists) where you are in a team of two - one person swims, then both of you do a tandem bike ride, then the non-swimmer runs. That sounds like fun, but is of course dependent on having (a) a tandem and (b) someone else who will do the swim!

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I quite fancy the triathlon, used to be an avid cycler and can swim quite strongly just not for very long.

I suppose I'm just opening the door and looking in, need to graduate first, but I know there will be months and years of training ahead of me.

I'll have a look at the Wales thing as it's not too far,

Thank you


Welcome. This site helped me a lot too. I graduated last week and have various things planned including a 5k on Friday, a 5 & 10k in May and a marathon in August. I know that sounds mad, and it is at this stage. There is no way I am going to run 26.2 miles this year but a friend entered me for my 59th birthday present in January! (I usually buy her nice shampoo & bath stuff :-) ). However I will cover the distance in a mixture of walking and jogging and the training will be great. Then next year who knows.

As juicyju says, you are just a youngster so out & at it. Let us know what you decide and look forward to your graduation next week.

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Yes I think one thing at once, need to graduate and take it more seriously. And good luck with your training for the races.

And such a kind friend you have, I think the return gift should be something equally extreme!


Very difficult to know what would be extreme enough for Janet. She pops out for a 12 mile run, on occasions visits me having run 12 miles, cycled 7 and walks in as if she got out of the car, and also sea swims long distances. But she is only 55!


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