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Week 8 in the sun, looks like week 9 in the smog!

Just got back into the UK this afternoon, after a week in Spain and tomorrow will be week9 run1. But what's been going on.?

I did my 3 runs last week in lovely warm morning sun, then get back here and it's all uuugghhh heavy and mucky.

Any tips for tomorrow morning, how is it running and more importantly breathing in the smog?

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Hi Rob, I did my usual overnight stay at my parents in London this week, and it wasn't too bad where they were. I did however have a makeshift mask with me because I'm getting over a virus my daughter kindly gave me and didn't want to aggravate my sore throat. I basically used a clean (old!) hankerchief which I folded over and had attached some elastic to. Given that it was very cold that morning, it probably had a twofold effect, namely, preventing any dust getting in, but more importantly, given the sore throat, filtered the cold air/water vapour. I don't think it's a viable long term solution, but certainly helped me.


Thanks it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, although friends in the south east were really struggling.


The forecast for today was that cleaner and fresher air would be coming in from the Atlantic and pushing the smog away. I woke up this morning and it was a lot cooler and fresher. I completed my run with no problems although I'm in Bedfordshire and it hasn't been so bad here as in London. Good luck with your run. Best wishes.


Yes it did feel very fresh this morning, and cool too, was a bit uncomfortable in the mid morning sun in Spain certainly wouldn't want to run out there mid August!


sorry this is a bit late!! I actually found it OK, but I couldn't breathe that well, so perhaps it wasn't that great after all, but its clear out there now so get running!!!


It's a good job this isnt school or youd be in detention. Although thank you, always better late than never!!.

Was out yesterday morning which was my first 30 minute run and went very well. Sorry to hear you couldn't breathe.

Next run on Monday and im already looking forward to it


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