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Weight starting to come off

I have been running exercising for the past 3 months - and my weight would not drop at all. Then about a months ago, it started to fall - by about 2 kg. HOWEVER - these past 3 weeks, I have been on holiday with a large bunch of friends - eating , drinking, chocolate -- etc. I did still run the programme 3 times per week though - and was surprised to see on my return home that I actually LOST a KG while away.

So there is HOPE!!! :)

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Well done on the weight loss so far. I must get myself into gear to do the same - since giving up smoking I have put back all the weight I lost so it's back to healthy eating now that the cravings are receding a bit. Best wishes.


Well done on the stopping smoking its not easy is it?


Thanks. I agree, far from easy. Nearly at the end of week 10 of not smoking and have just got my final two week's patches (lowest strength now) so I should get signed off at my next appointment with the smoking cessation advisor. Best wishes.


Its well worth it believe me I'm doing my 10k run on Sunday and when I was smoking I couldn't have run to the bottom of my garden and its not a big garden! I enjoy running so much I refuse to start smoking and spoil it all but no its very hard and I applaude you. Kind regards

Reply does work, well done and keep running!!!


It does work. Just stick with it and take care with your diet


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