Couch to 5K

Must keep . .!!!

My last two runs using the term runs loosely, I've not been able to do. My shins were achy last time and the time before that my legs turned to jelly.

I've resorted to a bit of positive thinking of at least I'm trying and so on. I was hoping to increase my time a wee bit but I've taken a bit of a backward slide has anyone else had the same?

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I think sometimes we can all have a wobble. It can be caused by a variety of reason, from bad nights sleep to coming down with something. I would treat yourself with some TLC and increases can come later you sound like you need to get some confidence back. Treat yourself to a fun run. No times, no distances just go out and run for fun and see how you feel afterwards. Good luck.


Thank you for your reply I shall pay heed :)


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