Out of the doldrums...for now

I decided to leave week 8 behind; it hadn't been my friend anyway...and moved on to week 9. Yes, it was hard, and I ran a different route ( haphazardly choosing directions as I went) and about a quarter of it was uphill (strangely meaning another quarter was downhill!) but when I thought I must have about 10 minutes left, Laura said 60 seconds to go.

Thinking of where I ran, I am frankly amazed I can run that distance, having started this mid-January and, like most people on this forum, having not run since school. I completed 4.9 km in first 5 minute walk and 30 minutes running so am pretty pleased, and know I can complete this... barring injury!!

Hope everyone else embarking on week 9 this week found the first run achievable..

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  • i did my first week 9 run this morning, it was awful i felt all over the place, changing my route did not help i think, so on Weds i shall go back to my original route and just extend it, tried and tested works in the beginning i feel.

  • Well done you just about there now. Using a different route is a good tactic, especially if you find a particular spot is your brick wall on more that a couple of runs. Changing a route can make you loose track of time and distance just as you discovered. Keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks for replies!

    Carerof, I'm sure your next run will be better. You have to do what feels comfortable.

    Oldgirl, can't believe I'm nearly finished. I've changed route a few times as the runs have got longer but today's was an 'I have no idea where I am going or will end up' kind of run and that was quite fun! Much better than week 8! I did the same run for all of week 8 and maybe that was part of the problem with it...

    Week 8, run 2, hopefully will go as well...

  • Well done. Enjoy your graduation week. Best wishes.

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