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W8R3 DONE! Now for the big week 9!

I'm sooo excited to be coming to week 9! I'm nowhere near 5k (nearly reaching 4k) but the fact I can run 30 minutes without too much pain and feeling like I'm going to die is amazing for someone like me who used to spend my life avoiding any type of exercise!

My plan after I've completed week 9 is to work up to 5k in 30 minutes. I was wondering if anyone else did this and how long it took?

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I'm at the same stage as you Hello_run and as another lifelong exercise avoider am amazed every time I run! I'm also covering about 4km and aim first to be able to run 5km and then to get the time down.

Good luck with week 9 - this time next week we will be graduates.


Good luck to you too!


Well done to both of you, it is an amazing achievement to be able to run for 30 mins if like me the furthest you ran before was to the kitchen to get the biscuits!! You will definately get to 5K if you keep running, if there is a Parkrun near you it might be worth considering giving it a try. There are runners of all abilities some who sprint it and others who run and walk. It is a supportive and fun way to get to 5k. Good Luck in week 9 Keep running


I came across the Parkrun this morning, I'm not sure I'm there yet but I will give it a go a few weeks after I've completed week 9. I was running in the opposite direction to them which gave me motivation to run faster, but a marshal had the nerve to shout out to me that I needed to watch out for other runners which slowed me down as I had my earphones in so didn't hear him the first time. Fair enough if I was on a bike but I was running looking straight ahead! Seemed a bit silly to me but I suppose he was doing his job...


Brilliant. I'm at the same point - Doing Week 9 but incredibly slowly. Who cares? We are clearly built for comfort not speed.


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