Hot and humid but finished W9 R3 with a parkrun!

Hi - It was 29 degrees C, about 95% humidity and no breeze at 7 am here in Tropical North Queensland, Australia but I finally did week 9 run3 as a Park Run. Finished in 44 minutes - but it was extremely hot and sweaty and I did have to stop a couple of times for my canine running buddy (border collie) to have a "nature stop" and to clean up after him. Also was so tired at the end that I had to go for a drink of water before I got my bar code scanned. Next time I will be more prepared but feeling elated that I achieved this!

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  • Hey congratulations on you graduation! I get hot and sweaty even when it's near freezing here, so I can't imagine running in that sort of heat.

    Hope you feel amazing!

  • Great news! Well done.

  • My goodness well done you running in that heat and humidity. A Parkrun for your W9R3 is brilliant too. Congratulations. don't forget to send a message for your graduate badge, its well earned. :)

  • Fantastic, well done! What a great way to finish the programme :) My dog comes with me too and loves it. Good luck with whatever comes next :)

  • Thanks for your congratulations! It's been from reading all your stories and the other contributors on here that I have had the encouragement to carry on with the program. What next? Well, I will do the Parkrun again and start to work on my speed and technique. I have definitely caught the bug, and my dog loves it. At the moment he trots alongside me - but if I go a bit faster, he breaks into a sort of gallop. I can't keep up that pace for more than a few steps, but will work on increasing that now. Thanks again!

  • Well done and congratulations on graduating, especially in such hot and humid conditions. Enjoy your future runs and subsequent progress. Best wishes.

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