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Week 7 complete!!

Hi all, just got back from completing week 7. Never thought I'd say that a few weeks ago. What has also happened this week is that I have run further each time. 3.73km on Monday, 3.84 on Wednesday and 3.94 today. I'm not writing this to brag but to give those that are struggling or hesitant some encouragement. Believe me, I am a lazy and unfit person so if I can do this there is no one that can't. (Also been dieting and lost 2.5 stones since the start of the year so carrying less with me on every run, winning all round) I would finish by saying that I still don't actually enjoy running but the feeling of achievement far outweighs the discomfort of the actual run. Good luck to everyone.

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Well done on sticking with it this far, hopefully you will find overtime that you come to enjoy running


Well done on completing W7. I think it's not a bad idea to try to give encouragement to newcomers - I'm about to start week 6 and never thought I'd get this far. The programme is very good. Best wishes.


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