Hmmm ..... anyone else have one fat ankle?

Did W5R3 yesterday and today woke up with one fat, rather painful, ankle.... without sounding like a boaster, I usually have very slender ankles and have never had a problem before (well, except when I had my daughter 9 years ago and was flat on my back for 3 days. The run was hard, but not in the same league as childbirth!) What's going on? Think I'm going to need an extra rest day before W6.

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  • Yes I think you are by the sound of that ankle. Ice pack, elevate your foot when you can and take a anti-inflammatory painkiller if needs be. It happens, but it will probably be all right. I think it would be painful if you'd tweaked it. Hopefully after a lay off for a day or two you'll be back to run week 6

  • Eeek, I had exactly the same thing at exactly the same point and carried on to wk 6. It only got worse and I broke down in tears half way through wk6r2 because the pain was so bad. This was despite ankle support. Went to docs, it was a sprain and advised to stay off it completely for 2 weeks. I can only advise stay off it until it feels better, or you may make it worse and have an enforced rest! After my 2 weeks I went back to the point I had stopped at and it was all good, although week 6 took about 2 weeks in total!

  • Oh dear - thanks both. It's no better this morning, so another days enforced rest. I'm already on the ibuprofen and will put an ice pack on when I can (not easy at work!) Seems strange as I didn't have any problem with it on the run itself, just the next day. Still I don't want to do any more damage so week 6 will have to wait until it's better - I'd never have thought a few weeks ago that I'd be disappointed about that!

  • Oh dear Mrs C! I do hope you'll be up and about in a few days. Do the ice pack in the evening or when you get into bed. I think if memory serves that you keep it on no longer than 14 - 15 minutes. I put my foot up on a firm pillow and slept with up like that. Not very comfy but you do what you can. Whenever you can elevate the foot do so even when at work.

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