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Week 4 Run 1

Hi, rained hard when I got up this morning, waited a while, but then decided to go ahead - rain or not. Ankle sore (old injury), felt it this morning but ankle guard made it feel better. Was scared about this run. Couldn't believe I can run 5 min nonstop. But the last 5 min was uphill and I struggled a bit - only ran 4 min. Just before home, I ran again for 2 min. Think about changing my route to cancel the uphill? Not ready yet for hills!!

Good luck to my comrades with this week's running! Have a good day! :)

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Yeah leave out the hills for now. There'll be plenty of time for those when you've Graduated. I know they help your stamina and all that but they just do one's head in.

Some folks love hill running but they are gazelles, not human beings like what we are. LOL




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