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Restarting after break for operation


Now, where was I? Oh yes, I got to the start of week 9 and then had to stop to have my gall bladder removed 6 weeks ago.

Today I finally got myself out there to restart the programme from the beginning. I've decided to do this from the beginning to help avoid injury and it just feels better to build myself up again slowly.

I didn't feel like going but it feels great to have kick started myself again. It was definitely was easier 2nd time around! And yet the idea I will be running for 20 mins in 6 weeks time feels just as unlikely as before, lol. But I know better, I know to just trust the programme and do what Laura says.

Yesterday I booked myself a one hour session with a Personal Trainer to learn proper stretches for post running and some upper body exercise. I got away with not stretching previously but I knew it was a very risky strategy that I needed to put right. Now I now what I am doing, I'm going to be merrily stretching properly after every run, I promise.

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I wish you well on your journey! Please do remember to take care of yourself after the operation and give yourself the chance to fully recover - ops do take time to fully heal.

Good luck and happy running!

lemondoodle in reply to Beek

Thanks Beek - absolutely, it's not worth risking my health by doing too much too soon. It was keyhole surgery and Surgeon was happy for me to re start gently after 4 weeks and I have been walking 3k regularly since 3 days after the op (on Dr's recommendation). So waiting 6 weeks feels like I'm taking care of myself and week one and two are relatively 'light' so that will take me to 8 weeks post op.

BeekGraduate in reply to lemondoodle

I hope I didn't come over as bossy but I had surgery last summer and it took quite a while before I felt really strong again. You have obviously been talking to your doctor about the exercise so you won't be doing anything silly.

I wish you a good quick recovery and summer is on its way so we can all get out there and enjoy it :) !

lemondoodle in reply to Beek

Not at all Beek - just caring. It's good to be sure people are being sensible and there will be others reading this who might need reminding to recover properly from illness and operations. And keyhole surgery is a bit deceptive because the scars are so tiny... but I've still had an organ removed.

Actually, I though I'd be out running within 3 weeks so I have been surprised how it has knocked the stuffing out of me.

I went out running in the sunshine along the seafront: lovely. 20 mins after I got back I was hailing :D


Welcome back lemondoodle. Well done for starting again. I hope you are feeling fully recovered from your op. You sound really motivated to do it well and safely. You will get there.

I had a break of just a couple of weeks and it felt strange to get started again ( I went back to W 6) . I felt like I'd dropped back a year in school when I saw graduate badges by the names of people I'd been running alongside! But had a firm word with myself and feeling good now. Happy running and merry stretching. Keep us posted. Good to see you back :) xxx

lemondoodle in reply to Jaqs99

Thanks a lot's good to be back. Everything seems to have healed well after a dodgy 1st few weeks with pain, but I have been very tired and even a week ago, I knew I wasn't ready. Love the back to school analogy - absolutely spot on: I feel like the kid who's been put back but need to make sure every one knows how old I really am, lol.


Congratulations at getting back to the programme. I'm sure your earlier fitness will have helped you to recover from the op. slow and steady build up now - you know that you can do it so don't try to rush things. Good luck!

Thanks Ully -one of the motivations of doing the C25k in the first place was a) turning 50 and b) wanting to maximise my fitness for the op. I am quite sure the walking I did from within 3 days of the op (under Dr's orders) is down to the confidence running gave me that my body could cope. I think I would have been far more tempted to say on the couch longer otherwise.


Hi Lemondoodle. Sorry to hear about the op!!! I hope you're well onto the road to recovery now.

Thanks Miss wobble - I was really glad to have the op as I have been suffering a lot of pain. It took time to feel the benefits but I am definitely now appreciating it's all done and dusted. I think once I hit week 6 I'll truly know I am better.


Glad you are back Lemondoodle! Take things easy, and I hope all goes well for you. x

Thanks no excuse. Appreciated. This forum is another reason I knew I would be back after my break.


Welcome back, good on you!

lemondoodle in reply to Leyther1

Thanks Leyther :)


Welcome back and hope you are soon well again. It sounds as though you have it all worked out for a sensible re-start to the programme. Be kind to yourself though. Good luck and best wishes.

lemondoodle in reply to Hidden

Many thanks Fitmo - soory for delay in reply: ailing family member threw my week a bit. Will defo be kind to self.


Lovely to hear from you again and glad you are 'back up and running'! Good timing too as the days are getting longer, warmer (apart from here in scotland where it was minus 6 in parts last night)... and the sun is shining!

Thanks Lizzie - it is noticeably different out there to my first time around over winter - more people and more runners!

Hello Lemondoodle, i think you skipped out for surgery right about when i got here. I have had a personsl trainer from my beginning, i totally credit the freeweight training and pilates and stretching she has taught me with why i havent injured my new to running joints and muscles. In favt, tomorrow is my last session, i am really, really pondering whether to keep it up or not. Tis pricey.

lemondoodle in reply to Nilzed

Thanks Nilzed - there is no doubt PY's are pricy, but a very useful tool. Perhaps you can go back very few months for a top of a few sessions and maintain by yourself in between.

Nilzed in reply to lemondoodle

I think i am going with the program that 2 PT a month, plus any pilates and other classes, and a massage. That last is the clincher!

Good luck with your re-start!

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