Training/Taster day

Today was my triathlon training/taster session. Those on the quest know that I have been really nervous about it. My swim in is fine but the rest, oh boy does it need some work. So off I set, leaving myself enough time to get there. I put my foot on the peddle and went to cycle to the meeting point. My chain flew off. Ran back home pounded on the door, (too stressed to find my keys) OH came out saw my face. I garbled chain. He bent down and just fixed it( my hero) , minutes later,

was ready to go again. Left OH with oily hands, he didn't mind he gave me a hug and said "go get em." So off I went.

As soon as I got there I knew it was going to be fine what ever happened no one was going to laugh at me. They just weren't that sort of people. We laughed and we talked but most of all we learnt the rules. I was the slowest on the bike and running training but no one minded. The course has hills. I was terrified I would have to get off my bike and walk it up, but I managed. (My legs feel it tonight).

The swim was good, that is were my confidence is.

But all in all I had a fab day and enjoyed every minute of it. Now to start the training.

Roll on august 31


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25 Replies

  • Oh I am so pleased for you Sounds like a nice group . I am sure you will be more confident now. It's always the thought of the unknown that's the worst I really admire you for going for a triathlon . (Guessing big hugs for your hero/ fixer of chain tonight?) good luck in your training

  • Thank you. Everyone there yesterday will be there on race day as well, so I already know some faces. And yes big hugs for my OH.

  • Sounds like fun. I've been tempted by the idea of a triathlon. I cycle regularly (but strictly as a means of getting from A to B, not in a sporting sense) and now seem to be getting there on the running front, but I haven't done any "proper" swimming in years. I learned as a kid, but that was a long time ago. Where I live there's a big culture of open-water swimming in the summertime (Swiss lakes and rivers), which is enormously pleasant (cool in the hot weather, fresh water without the chlorine of the pool, only a moderate risk of being run over by a paddle steamer or sucked into a hydro-electric dam), but I've been reluctant in the past because I am not overly keen on showing off to the world my man boobs and muffin top. Hopefully by the time summer comes round, all this running I've been doing will help reduce the shame factor.

  • That was one of the nice things yesterday. We were all shapes and sizes. But we all had one thing in common. The race is set up solely for beginners, so the thing they kept saying to us is make sure you have fun. I am sure the running will change your confidence.

  • Fantastic! sounds like you had a good session, i admire you for taking on the challenge! Good luck :)

  • Thank you, weirdly enough I am looking forward to the training.

  • We'll done to you for getting out there and doing it - sounds great!! Can I be cheeky and ask where you found out about the taster session - is it just something local to you? My husband is doing his first event in June and training well but I'm sure he'd love something like this...and he's trying to convince me to do one too and I know I would :)

  • Thank you. I am doing the LCDisability Tri together triathlon. They are baby ones for beginners. As far as I know they are doing another taster session in May. I think they cost £5.00. But well worth it. You could go with you OH and see what you feel? Good luck to your husband on his race.

  • Sounds like a great start (other than the chain) and a great confidence boost. Good luck with your training.

  • Definitely feel raring to go now. Thank you.

  • Well done! Great step forward on all levels :-)

  • Thank you,onwards and upwards now hopefully.

  • Ow wow.. That sounds good fun... Well done you, and put some nerves at ease too?? You will nail it.. Happy panthering x

  • It was such fun. The race feel a little less daunting now. Thank you. Happy panthering back at you.

  • Wow, sounds interesting. So how much of each sport did you do this time?

  • We worked mainly on transition (changing from swimming to bike then bike to run). There are quite a few rules. And its harder than you think. You should of seen me trying to pull my Capri pants on over wet skin. Not a pretty sight. I couldn't get my laces tied up. We also ran one lap and cycled one lap and did some swim training with Speedo coaches. On the day there will be 6 laps on the bike and 5 laps running. So so much work to do.

  • Oh I am so glad you enjoyed it, what a good start! Well, apart from the bike chain episode :)

  • Thank you. Luckily the chain was soon forgotten, a really fun day. Tired muscles today. But it feels good.

  • Go RFC go! Sounds brilliant and I'm certain you'll have a lot of fun.

  • Thank you, I have a feeling it is going to be fun.

  • Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it because I know you said you were a bit nervous. Great that they are a friendly group and that you know some of them now. The first one is always the hardest - now you can look forward to them :)

  • Thank you. I think because we were all so nervous we just started laughing at ourselves a bit and it broke the ice. By the end of the day we were sharing tips.

  • What a great post! I would love to do something like that, and maybe I will one day.

    I marshaled at a Dartmoor night run recently, and I watched the Dartington Duathlon yesterday after I finished my run.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.

  • Thank you. LCDisability do a lot on helping people learn how to do a triathlon. They have one in london and one In Glasgow every year called Tri Together. It's all about beginners having fun and getting their first one under their belt. It's only a super sprint but they find a nice course thats not too challenging. They also do a couple of the days taster training days to talk you through any concerns and give you training tips. So far it feels like a great way to get into it.

  • You have no idea how impressed I am. I have just read your bio, and I am humbled.

    Keep going and keep cheerful.

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