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Panther tales

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2 weeks into my new job and its still quite scary!! I am off to spend a few hours with the weekend team as part of my orientation. I haven't worked at the weekend since working in A and E ( I loved that job).

Anyway.. Sorry I'm waffling... SO I thought I could run home ( leave car there and collect with husband later). It's a bit longer than a HM but I need to get training for my marathon... I'm really excited, it's going to be time alone with my music, my randoms, my thoughts and my body doing what it's made for... No pressures on speed and I can stop if I want to. The aim is to enjoy it.

I just wanted to encourage you all to do Speed if you've graduated... I've been doing it weekly now and this week I could have easily done it again, I can really see improvements.. I made it up to 5k in 28 mins and my average k was 5.4 mins which is a huge improvement for me. I'm going to do speed twice on a 10k next week to aim for 58 mins if I can...

Music is a huge thing for me and this will be one of my long run songs today:

So if you are out running today come panthering with me and have some fun!

Happy panthering



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Lovely post. Yoga for me this morning but I am sure there will be others out panthering today, so hope you have loads of fun and frolics!

I am going to have another go at ' speed' given your glowing recommendation. I did it once and hated it - but I would so love to get to 5k in 30 mts. It's now 2.13 mins over so I am getting quicker, so fingers crossed that 'speed' will help.

Enjoy your weekend. X

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to lizziebeth57

Thank you... And yes it's definitely worth persevering with speed...

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Hi Ju I hope you enjoy your run later today. I like the speed podcast too and I think I should do it more often then maybe I would see improvement in my running

It's flippin cold here this morning! I hope you get a bit of sun

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to misswobble

A good friend has remixed it for me with 8 and 10 intervals so that's the plan next... It definitely helps....

I read your post after I did my 'Purrfect timing' one. Your message must have been subliminal as I was out there panthering when you wrote it!

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to RoRoMama

Fabulous... Hope you enjoyed it??

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I recently graduated but haven't tried the speed one yet, so that's coming up next for me I think. Hope your run home is a good one and that the job will be all you want it to be. x

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to no-excuse

Thank you so much... Yes job is good and blog to follow on the run!!

Triathlon taster session for me today. Bit nervous as it's from 2-5pm and I have to do a bit of everything. My cycling leaves a lot to be desired. Hehe, but it should be fun. I am going to give the speed podcasts a try. Good luck with your run home, a new route that's always fun. Happy panthering.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Oh wow.... How exciting, I hope it went well???

sounds perfect thing to do on a Saturday afternoon and banish the end of the week with a long run.

infact I'm just dusting off my trainers and going to meet my friend Laura out on the toe path this afternoon too - the wk9 podcast - so yeah why not - I'll go out panthering with you.

and those times - well - you're turning into a true all rounder - lightening quick 5k and a full distance marathon training. I think someone should write a book about this - "How to run with Panthers".

Happy Running

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to

Fabulous... I hope it went well, and most of all that you enjoyed panthering? Good idea about the book, could be interesting!!!

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Hi Juicyju, I have just graduated and have done stepping stones and speed once each. I enjoyed speed as it was tough but the pain was over quick!

I was thinking of doing a simple 30 min run ( à la week 9 run 3) as my third run and gradually increase the pace on it?

Does that sound sensible? I have got this far and don't want to stagnate. I found the speed made other bits of my legs ache (but not in a bad way) so I assume it is helping.

Any advice gratefully received.


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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Tintin1

I know what you mean, I needed something next, so I just started doing a 5k Parkrun, and 2 longer ones in the week gradually increasing. Then when I got to 10k I did the 5k, 10k and then long run in a week increasing the long run distance each week... Hope that helps???

Aftabs profile image

Well done! I am upping my long runs but I am a way off you at the moment. What Marathon are you doing? I am planning on applying for next years London marathon.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Aftabs

Dont be daft, you are bionic man!! Hey what about setting up a C25k group for the London marathon next year, wouldn't that be fun and I'm in!!!

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I haven't done speed. So it's good then is it? I can do fairly healthy sub 30 min 5K's but still can't reach the 10K distance although I continue to try.

Hope that new job is giving you the satisfaction you deserve! Happy panthering HM's today Juju.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to danzargo

You just need to slow down and you'll nail it...and thank you!!!

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