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Run 3 is looming...

Why is it with trepidation I see that week 5 / run 3 is looming, I haven't even done run 2 yet, but run 3 is firmly at the front of my mind. Are we even allowed to mention "run 3", or is it like "he who shall not be named", do we only refer to as "The Run"....

My mind is saying, 20 mins, what will happen:

- Will I fall over

- Will I pass out

- Will my feet fall off

- Will my knee injuries hinder me

- Or even will it just be a breeze and what am I worrying about

What fills me with some sense of ease, is that EVERYONE else seems to also worry about run 3. So far, other than my knee injuries, all the runs haven't been too onerous, and I've only repeated one run twice, due to a 2 week break for the right knee.

All being well, Saturday will be Run 2, and then Monday, will be "The Run", but even know I am thinking, hhmm should I do it on Wednesday, should I repeat Run 2 to get ready for it.... I'm not going to, I'm going to hit it dead on, firmly in the face and smash it, hopefully (see I can't even be overly confident on here, without the caveat of "hopefully")

One thing spurring me on, is I've signed up for a 5k, on October 1st, so a deadline is now looming, I've worked out I do have enough time to finish the whole program, and also enough time to repeat twice if need be - so I do just have to get on with it really.

Wish me luck - I'll report back on Tuesday with the news from the "The Run"

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I was apprehensive about R3 but like you propose just got on with it and found it doable. Great sense of achievement afterwards too. You've got the right attitude, focus on R2 for the moment, if you can do that R3 will be fine 😀👟🏃

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You have done the prep for it, it's just mind over matter. The doubt is those pesky gremlins whispering in your ear. If you don't do it just repeat the week.


Hi joak99 I know where you are coming from and I was ready to retire from running when I saw what week 5 run 3 had in store. But believe it or not on Monday I did it (still cant believe I actually ran for 20 mins) and you will do it too. Just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other and you will be amazed how quickly the time goes. I wont wish you luck as luck doesnt come into it. All you need is a bit of determination and you will succeed and you will be so proud of yourself.

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You absolutely can do it !! Kick the gremlins off your shoulder and trust in Laura. My hubby has just downloaded week 5 to see whats coming and reacted the same as you - I've just told him the same and it is only 2 x 10 minute runs joined together. Just take it slowly - really really slowly :-)


"What?! how can I go from 8 minutes to 20 minutes?!" A lot of us thought this.. you have done all your prep, you are ready. You can do it. Believe in yourself and you will get there. Please try not to get too anxious about it and think of the feeling when you have accomplished the run. All the best to you.

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Hi joak99. If you think back to the start when you were running for 60 seconds how impossible it seemed to run for 3 minutes, then 5 and then omg 8 minutes!?!

You're right, everyone seems to panic at the thought of run 3. I couldn't imagine doing it when I was on week 2 or 3 and looking at future weeks. It's amazing how your body adapts over such a short time.

It's only the two 8 minute runs and a bit more without a break.

If you have a playlist it's about 5 songs in length so perhaps you can do the "If I'm not tired I'll run for another song" and see how you do.

If not, as the wise and respected Irish-John says, it's not a failure, merely a "practice run".

Good luck!


You WILL be ready for it joak99.

Try not to put to much mental pressure on yourself. You will have completed 2 x 8 mins THATS 16 mins. This is only four more mins and you can do that...

Your first run without a break is an anazing breakthrough.. start extra slowly to save energy for later on.

Go for it without fear...😊


Only just looked ahead at the plan to see what to expect in wk5 .. now im in the same boat as you .. 20 minutes ?? !! :)


Well an update as promised.

I did it :)

The end

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Congratulations! See, you are more fit and accomplished than you thought you were :) That's the big beasty under your belt. Onward, onward and good luck for week 6!


OK, so maybe a bit more detail, but is more detail needed, as I jolly well did it...

I was at work in the afternoon, and actually had an itch of leaving and getting on with it, then driving home, I started to feel really tired and sleepy, and thought ah well I'll just put it off until tomorrow, but then thought nope, don't delay, get on with it.

So I suited up in my running gear, and off I went.

I hate to say it, but it wasn't that bad, the first 5 minutes seemed to really drag, and I couldn't believe it when I first heard from Laura and she said you've been running for 5 minutes, at that point, I wondered if I would make it, but then in what seemed only 2 or so minutes, she said that's half way, then only 5 minutes left and then congratulations you've done it.

My legs were tired, ALOT, for the rest of the evening, but I had a sense of accomplishment and I didn't care :)

My overall run was 4.1km over 31 mins, so at this stage i'm pretty happy with that and am now looking forward to the rest that w6r1 gives...


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