Couch to 5K

I just want to run!

A few weeks ago I bought some karrimor run shoes, calfs were like lead weights no stretch in the muscles so after a few crappy runs and some advice from you lovely people I went back to my old faithfuls aced a few 5k runs wanting to increase my speed I spent an evening doing sprints, run so far then Sprint until I'd finished my 5k route nailed it felt amazing! tried to do the same after a days rest and thighs were tight no stretch then came the calfs like lead weights again, just managed to finish the route and had 2 days break, thinking I was trying to much too soon Monday night tried a standard run 5k, thighs stiff again and now shin ache! Can't catch a break, seems like one thing after another, my running buddy my 53 year old dad brings it Monday Wednesday Fridays an kicks ass every time- now dreading tonight don't think I can take many more crappy runs :(

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I've got Karrimor shoes and they've been fine. Maybe your calves need a walk in between runs. I think walking is good news for runners, so I'd aim to walk more if you aren't already.


Sorry you are having such a tough time with it. I can say from experience that the wrong shoes can make all the difference. Some people are lucky and seem to be able to run in just about any shoe, I'm not one of them. If you can afford it I would get a gait analysis done at a 'proper' running shop and get some shoes that are recommended for your gait type.


Do plenty of stretching after your runs and drink lots of water too. Your intervals are really good for increasing your speed but they are hard and take longer to recover from, once a week would be more than enough of that type of running and also keep the sprint distance short and only do about 4 repeats and build up to perhaps 6 as a max. I'm a great believer in walking between runs and often go for a walk with my hubby in the afternoon after a run, it loosens off the muscles.


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