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Bad back =no running

last week I twisted my back and was in agony when I got up from sitting down. So I have rested it for a week. I walked my usual 10k Monday run but I am hoping tomorrow to test the water with a small 5k run of run/walk intervals to test the back.

Lets hope it work I worry that my fitness will drained easily when I don't run.

So crossing my fingers for tomorrow.

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Yes, I think run/walk would be best and just see how it goes rather than plan a longer run and struggle.

Good luck and take care!


thanks, I have been doing some stretching exercises and no twinges.

Did a 5k walk with the dogs this afternoon, but its not the same as a good run!


Hi burstcoach

Be careful running with a sore back as 1 it could make matters worse and 2 it will effect your running style and cold put added pressure on other joints.

Check out the back care exercises and stretches to strengthen your back muscles at

let me know how you go



Well Simon M & misswobble. My run went fine I managed a sneaky 7km on Wednesday, and the only struggled going uphill. I had no pain or ache even after my run. I ran slowly and with caution. stretching exercises and a week of rest worked.

My back still aches a bit in the morning. So I will do the same run tomorrow (weather permitting here in the North). nice and slow and ready to go !


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