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Back to the beginning

Well, I finally managed to don my trainers yesterday to pound the pavement for the first time in two months. I decided I'd go right back to week to ease my self back into it. Having graduated in December I thought well it's not that long week 1 will be a gentle reminder to my body of what I'm expecting it to do. Boy was I wrong! I found that run equally as hard as the first time I did it in autumn last year. I got a full on stitch which made it painful to breathe. Feeling a bit deflated by the whole experience.

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I think our bodies have a memory ie like riding a bike and swimming and you will probably find it easier once you get going. Don't give up. That may have been a bad run for all sorts of reasons. Don your trainers again and get out there xxx


When I restarted I found it slightly tougher than the first time round but soon got back into the swing of it and am now almost at the end of W4. You can do it, just take your time and try to enjoy. Best wishes.


That must have been disappointing. Stick with it as kickibro said - it might just have been a bad run. Take it easy & I'm sure you'll be fine.


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