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Week 5 run 3 a dawdle!

OK it was more difficult than the run 2 but both me and my wife, Nutty Nelly, managed the last run of week 5 with little trouble tonight. Going up a slight hill was the only problem and we brought the pace down a notch to cope with this.

I have been forced to have a few rest weeks due to slight niggles in my calf, but, with a nice steady pace, we achieved more than we ever thought possible. Still listening to Laura and enjoying the sensation of running under our own steam. New running shoes and a calf support have helped immensely.

Anyone here who doubts themselves, just think that very soon you will soon be running a three times a week as a way of life. Think about the huge benefits to your health and lifestyle. It is absolutely wonderful. I know I am becoming a bit of a running bore at work, but I don't care.

C'mon the runners! You can do it!

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If it was a dawdle then maybe stop dawdling and speed up ;)

If it was a doddle then that bodes well for the rest of the program so good luck.


Thats lovely to hear and so nice you are both doing it together. I am such a running bore! I think it about it all the time, read about it and find my rest days hard not to go out there and search for an extra 1k out of me. This programme is amazing and and indeed life changing. Happy running to you both. If you need a good book Mark Rowland's Running with the Pack comes highly recommended. Your wife may like Running like a girl book too. :)


Well done.I am a running bore too now and have bought both these books. Started running like a girl which is great. keep enjoying.


Ha - I am also a running bore now... on top of the non-smoking bore I became about 18 months ago!

Unfortunately I can only subject about 2 or 3 people to the full extent of my obsession, as all this running lark is a secret from work and other friends, so those poor few really get the (often sweaty, breathless!) brunt of it!

Well done for getting this far and persevering woth your injury - and good luck with wk 6 - you can do it!


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