After quitting I'm back running again but have sore arches in my feet and the backs of my calves hurt. Is this normal?

I attempted c25k before Christmas, got halfway through week 2, lost all motivation and ended up stopping. This week I've decided to start up again and just completed W1R2 tonight :). For the first time I actually really enjoyed doing it and was sad to have to turn around and come back home. Since running though I've been have pain in the arches of my feet and the backs of my calves when I move my feet. Is this normal? I didn't experience it the first time around. Do I just need to invest in some good running shoes or is it just down to running in a hilly area? Thanks :).


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  • Do you have some kind of orthotics or so-called "arch support" in your shoes. They could be causing you arch pain .. But the sore calves seem to be standard -- nothing that running a hundred klms over the next month or two won't fix. :)

  • If you get gait analysis at a running shop you will find some shoes that may give better support. I know 'proper' running shoes sound expensive but they really do make so much difference. My husband was adamant he was fine in his old trainers but the second he tried a pair on he was won over (and believe me he is not one to spend money lightly!). Also plenty of stretching after the run could help calves and arches. Glad to hear you're enjoying the running and good luck with the programme.

  • Just happened across this and thought I should put in my 2 cents on this subject. I wouldn't ignore the pain in your calves and feet. I did that for a year and am now suffering with the worst pain that has cause complete inactivity until I can get it fixed (if ever according to my physiotherapist). I've spent an absolute fortune trying to improve the situation. It lead to plantars fasciitis and a heel spur. I got this from running on a treadmill with improper shoes. Don't scrimp on the shoes and insoles at all. Believe me you don't want to get this condition. It's debilitating and not easy to correct at all. Also, make sure you do calf and foot stretches twice a day. The "Pro Stretch" would be a great way to do the stretches. Only 30 dollars and an important tool. Sorry for the pushy post but if I could have had someone stress this to me I wouldn't be in this predicament now. I can now only work for 3 or 4 hrs a day and am not able to walk the 6-12 miles I was used to walking every day. It has ruined such a huge part of my life and financial situation. :(

  • Totally agree re shoes.I had masses of problemsuntil I had gait analysis & got new shoes. Don't let it put you off though as it is so worth doing c25k.

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