Cried after my run AGAIN. But for a good reason

Came home in tears after another run. But this so different. I hit the 20 min run today. (Change of profile piccie) I have been struggling to get here. It is such an achievement for me. I just wanted it so bad today. This week has been a nightmare for stress and disruption. I wanted some good new sooooooo badly. So I just told myself I was going to run my good news for myself. I set off with my heart rate monitor and kept it as far down as I could without stopping or walking. Everytime it got higher I slowed down just a fraction. I made a mistake of looking at 10 min and felt that quitting feeling so I just told myself slow down and get over it. Again at 16 and 18. I did the same. At 20 I looked at my watch and burst into tears and laughed all at the same time. I know their are people here that will understand that this personal goal is massive for me. And THANK YOU to all the fantastic posts and replies that have supported me in my struggle to get here.

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15 Replies

  • Well done! I'm so happy you reached your goal. :)

  • Oh well done Rfc !! That run will have given you a real boost after a rubbish week.

    Hope you are still enjoying the buzz :)

  • You deserve to buzz girl, well done. That 20 minutes can be a stumbling block for many newbies, it seems to take forever. You won't look back now so long as you don't keep looking at your Garmin, they have their advantages but if you keep looking at your distance/time it can be soul destroying. Just remember you have done all the hard work to get this far and you can and will go further, good luck for the next run/s :)

  • Well done Realfoodie! It really is a fantastic achievement and a great feeling to get to the 20 minutes. For me it was definitely the point at which I felt that graduation might actually be possible. I'm sure that my neighbours often thought I was bonkers as I was so often laughing/crying or when I graduated dancing in the street. One thing I have found is that running is a fantastic destressor so when you have a bad week there probably isn't anything better you could do than run off the stress! Well done again and stick with it - it just gets better! :-)

  • Well done!!!

  • Congrats Realfoodie on pushing through 20 min --and celebrating! Tears mixed with laughter is good. And Pingle is right, the experience only gets better. How hard to imagine we'd make it so far? And suddenly here we are! Go girl!

  • What a lovely, inspirational post - so chuffed for you that you've broken through the 20 minute wall. As Old girl says, it's a huge thing for most of us (I cried when I ran it too!), but it gets much easier from here to the end of the challenge once you know you can do it.

    Here's to more wonderful runs!

  • I cried when I reached the 20 minute goal!!!!!!! And punched the air!!!!!!! Congrats - well done you! Celebrate, you deserve it

  • Thank you all so much. As usual all your posts make me feel fantastic. I never thought running was going to be such an emotional journey. Days like today make it so worthwhile.

  • HOORAY!!!!

    Old girl is right (as always) don't get hung up on the stats, they can be distracting.. You have reached the stage where the demands on you can seem very demanding, but slow and steady will get you there and more great days await you.. Well done.

  • Congrats! beating the ones that have beaten you is truly the high point of C25k. I had a similar nemesis in the 25 minute run and I've done it twice now. It gets easier!

  • That's fantastic!!

    You did so well, you had such a determination to finish the run no wonder you cried!

    I think that 20 min run is like a mini graduation! Haha!

    Great work!

  • I cried when I (finally) did 20 minutes as well. It is /such/ a milestone and it all just felt achievable once I'd done that. Well done!

  • I also cried when I did my first 20mins! In fact I felt much more emotional that day than I did on my graduation run. I just couldn't believe that having struggled so much with the first couple of weeks, that all of sudden I could run for 20mins without stopping.

    Congratulations, it's a massive achievement and you should be very proud of yourself.

  • well done to you, it is such a major achievement for us all, especially when we have not done any formal exercise for maybe a number of years. You deserve a gold star for all the effort, as do many others on this site!!!

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