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Watching slinkylinky on c25k

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I must say, wife Sue is doing very well on w5. Was out yesterday on run 2 with her, like I have been from week1, passing on tips. And as I was running with her noticed she had a good turn of speed, I eased off so just dropping behind her and shouted, look you can just ease off if your finding it hard, she glimpsed round to me but carried on, I don't think she heard me properly with Laura in her ears, and puffing away, anyway I explained later about feeling tired & knackered if you run too fast, but she said she was fine & comfortable, so who am I to argue?lol πŸ˜€, I advised her that with the longer 20 min run coming, to bear in mind what I've said, but I shall be out with her again tomorrow on that one..feeling proud of her!😊

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Well done Dave 😊 it's great that you can share running.  My husband used to run before he piled on the stones and became unfit.  I would love it if he would dust off his daps ☺

davelinksGraduate in reply to misswobble

As long as he doesn't wear tights MW!😊


How lovely to run together. Sounds like it's going really well!

Sounds like she is a natural Dave. She is lucky to be training with an experienced runner. It is such a big help!

Go Sue.... good luck with Week 5 run 3.

Listen to Dave about the speed thing he speaks the truth...πŸ˜…..


Go MrsDave!Β 

Sometimes, we have these odd bursts don't we.. in my case, not that often.. but sometimes!

As long as she is okay.. and with you beside her, she will know what to do and when to ease back... :)



Fab stuff! Well she does have you as her mentor Dave, so she's in safe hands. Go Sue!


Brilliant ! Well done Slinky Sue :-)

Ah shes going to keep you on your toes Dave ha ha ! :-) xxx

davelinksGraduate in reply to poppypug

Yes! I think so pops! In more ways than one! She's already hinting on new shoes! lolπŸ˜€

How lovely ! I remember going out running with my 'runner' friend last summer when we were on hols in France and I was on about week 5 and she said pretty much the same thing that I could slow down- it was amazing to hear that from a proper runner πŸ˜€


Aaw bless ya. Sounds like Mrs Dave is doing great.

It's good to run as a couple, I only get to run occasionally with my Mrs as we have toddler. But when we do run together we both really enjoy it.

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