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Loved week 6 run 1 and have just finished run 2, now to look forward to run 3 on Thursday morning

After I failed badly on week 6 before I went into week 6 run 1 with some anxiety, but after thinking slow and steady I found that the dread turned into enjoyment.

I think if ever I want to go back to an interval run that will be week 6 run 1 I repeat again. Tonight I did run 2 with opened eyes, again I thought slow and steady will the time make and it worked again. I managed exactly 5km when I finished which was a shock as I wasn't really paying attention to my Nike sportband. So on to the 25 mins on thursday morning I can't wait to say I have managed it :D

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Congratulations! Sounds like you've got into a great running rhythm & you're enjoying it - even better! I enjoyed w7, but then bit so much with W8!! Keep going - you're doing really well


Good luck for Thursday! Sounds like you will be fine , WELL DONE :)


I can confirm that Thursday went without a hitch :) Full 25 mins non stop was starting to feel a little weak at the knees at 23 mins but knew I only had to hold on for another 2 mins and pushed through. So I am now officially a runner YAY !!!


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