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A strange squelching going on in my running shoes

Well call me a wimp or be jealous of the lack of rainfall over here, but one way and another I've only done one other run in the rain. And I've now realised that wasn't really rain at all, just drizzle. Today it was dry when I set out, but an ominous black cloud in the sky meant that I put my cap on as I went out the door. 1 minute into the run it started raining. Not too bad, quite pleasant really, except for the 2 inch deep puddle that had to be run through which started the squelching. I'm glad I wore my cap because it meant I could still see out of my glasses.

About 10 minutes in, I realised that I didn't have my water heater on. 5 minutes later I ran past my house - half-wondering whether to pop in and put the immersion heater on, but realising that once I'd got up the 2 storeys to my flat I'd probably just stay there, so I kept going. It must have been about 5 minutes after this that the rain turned into the "someone is chucking a bucket of water over me from their balcony" type. Only obviously they weren't. (I have had unintentional near-misses with this before now, but not when I've been out running).

Ten seconds into the downpour I realised that I probably couldn't actually get any wetter, so just stuck with it and carried on squelching. Now I'm dry and warm, I'm realising I quite enjoyed it out there today. I stripped off my dripping running clothes and changed back into my pjs and am now waiting for the water to heat up. (At least there isn't a power cut, so I can heat it without having to unplug the fridge-freezer, which is what happens when I switch to the community generator). I'm now feeling quite virtuous about having been out and realising that it's no longer raining so if I'd waited I wouldn't have known what I'd missed.

Today is a holiday for Teacher's Day, which is celebrated on 9th March here. So to any teachers out there, happy Teacher's Day and sorry you don't get a well-deserved holiday in the UK. And to everyone, enjoy squelching through the puddles in the rain - although hang on a minute, weren't you getting record high temperatures this weekend??

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I don't do "running in the rain"! However, it has happened to me twice in the past 3 months. I should have waited a couple of minutes for it to pass.


Its great that you got caught in the rain then and got to enjoy the squelching! Personally I love it, it keeps me far more comfortable. Yesterday we had a glorious day but I had to get out early otherwise I would overheat. I don't know what I will do in the summer. Hold on to your rainy run moments- you may have a long wait for your next one x


Even in the depths of an English winter a rain shower is really welcome and it seems to cool the body down really quickly. I am a tender flower and am usually to be found indoors in front of the fire from November onwards, but running seems to be toughening me up and I run outdoors in all weathers now. I even shed my hat and jacket on Saturday! You'd be surprised Bazza at how cooling it can be and that helps when the going gets tough and you need all the help you can get. You want to give it a whirl!


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