Couch to 5K

I'm back!!!

I moved into temporary accommodation between house moves in October and, because it wasn't suitable to tun around that area, I decided not to run for the 4 weeks I was there. That was 5 months ago and I'm ashamed to say that, despite the fact that my new location is perfect for running(all flat along the sea front!) I stopped running altogether. BUT this morning I gave myself a good talking to, got out there and got myself back on track!! I must admit that I felt a bit nervous but surprisingly managed to run for 25 minutes without having to stop. I now feel motivated to get back to regular running and am looking forward to coming back to the forum to read everyone's inspiring stories and advice xxx

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So glad you are back and running. Sounds lovely running by the sea too. Hope this is the first of many more runs for you. x


Wow, well done for such a good first run after 5 months off! Glad you enjoyed it. Sounds idilic running along the sea front, hopefully the nice surroundings will keep you motivated :o)


It#s very easy to lapse when circumstances change. I stopped running when I moved and was too busy with other things to motivate myself until recently. Good luck with starting again and enjoy your future runs. Best wishes.


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