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After a very relaxing 7 day rest from running to give my legs a chance to repair, I donned my Super Dan Lycra costume and headed out into this mornings sunshine. What a lovely day it is / was too! Decided to do a cheeky 3K to ease myself back into it slowly. I also had on my brand new calf compression guards, which are these impossibly tight footless sock type contraptions. They clung to my ankles and calves like a bloomin' limpet and luckily didn't ruin the leg line of my running tights. Most important. Didn't want to look like I'd got something strapped to my calves now did I?!! Smooth and aerodynamic is the order of the day.

I took my usual route along the river to Richmond and even overtook a fellow runner at Richmond Lock. I tried to exude super cool dude running style as I passed him and hoped he was thinking "Wow, look at that gazelle of a man gliding through the air like a silent projectile".

He was probably thinking - "B***** t**$±±^ k@@$**** swine!"

I decided to try out landing on mid foot - just for a laugh. Oddly, it was easier to do one leg at a time. Let me explain my method ; I made sure on my right foot, I landed on the bit just behind the toes and then sprang, deer like forward, as my left leg did it's usual soft heel landing. Then back onto right foot toe landing and repeat and repeat etc etc. You get the picture. After doing this a few times I switched feet and landed, deer like on my left foot. Before long I was boing boing boinging along, landing on both feet just behind the toes. It felt good and my legs managed to take this running style for longer than I thought I'd be able to do.

Once I'd bored myself stupid with that, I returned to my usual gait and thought how many variables there are when you go out on a run. It's what i makes it so interesting. Anyway, I crossed the river at Richmond and went down the other side and tore along the Thames path back towards home. I say "tore along"....more like slow jogging really. Strangely, I was finding this run hard. I'd mentally prepared for just 3K yet for some reason it was difficult and it reminded me of something juicyju once said. Paraphrasing wildly, it was along the lines of "running is always hard" and she's right. It's never easy, and today was no exception. I reached Richmond Lock on the other side and crossed over, taking full advantage of the walk to get my breath back. Down the other side and home.

The compression calf guards worked! I had almost no niggly pain (just a dull thud) in my right shin and whilst running, they felt good on. It was a mighty effort to get the blighters off though I'll tell you. They are reeeeeeally tight!!

So after a luxurious jacuzzi I wolfed down some extremely delicious scrambled eggs and mushrooms on toast. Eggs were given to me by a work colleague whom I visited yesterday in the depths of the East Sussex countryside (miiiiiiiiles away). His wife keeps chickens and boy were the eggs good!

OK. Next run will be a 5K special in two days time. Stay tuned, don't touch that dial and be good until I see you all again.

Until then, then then then then



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20 Replies

  • Nice post Dan, sounds like a bit of an upper body workout getting those calf guards off- so a good all round bit of fitness. Hope the 5k goes well for you. x

  • Cheers!

  • Lolzz as the youf keep saying. Made my day reading your post. You should start a blog :-)

  • Haha! Thanks tanyag163! You are toooo kind!

  • Not at all. Too much pain and not enough fun: - we could all take a leaf out of your book on how to enjoy running. Where did you get your compression guards from by the way. I've been using the "traditional" elastic type supports that used to be given out if you had an ankle sprain. Problem is, as the elastic wears away, they obviously lose their grip, and I thought no way to replacing those at £7.50 a pop....until I googled Compression guards and almost fell off my chair at the price (for what seems to be just a fancy piece of material). (£50 average!!) I've got some compression socks, which I hope will last longer then the supports but they don't always have great reviews.

  • Type "Compressport Calf Guards R2 (Race & Recovery)" into Amazon. £26 and be sure to measure your calves correctly and order the right size! You might have to google the T1, T2, T3 etc size chart to see what the heck they actually mean, but go for it!

  • thank you

  • Good stuff on the compression stuff - I've been reading about those too and intend to go and have a look at some, and a chat, at the local running shop on Saturday.

    Sounds like you need a flowing cape, a-la Superman, to go with your lycra attire... ;-)

  • What a brrrrrrrrrrilliant idea.......****seriously thinks about it******

  • First lycra and now what sounds suspiciously like spats. Have you considered carrying a swordstick to complete the get-up. Maybe useful at night around your way...

  • Tried that and got arrested. But howsabout a cape? suggested by astilla (above!)

  • Sadly I am getting more Rodney Trotter than Superman...

  • I had to re-read the homeward bound section again Dan, I read you were running 'backwards' and thought, crikey those compression thingies have cut off the circulation to his brain!!! ;) If you go for a cape make sure its a waterproof one :) Good to hear you are back out there and keeping us entertained with your antics as always.

  • Oldgirl you've given me an idea. Backwards running! Genius! (If I could do it without knocking someone over?)

  • You can get compression leggings from good old aldi. I got a compression top and it's lovely

  • Compression leggings? I wonder if I could carry those off....

  • Right- I have shin splints and rested for two weeks. Went for a run yesterday and was fine during. Today I have a little shin niggle again! I have just ordered the Compressport Calf Guards R2 (Race & Recovery) thingys but my sizing is weird! I'm massive around the calf and tiny in shin length! Oh well lets see what happens when they arrive. I should have put your name on the order Dan and you might of got commission!

  • I hope they work for you. Don't forget my 15%.....!!

  • You seriously need to write a book :) love your posts

  • That's extremely kind of you to say! Thank you.

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