Couch to 5K

So, I'm back!

Those of you that have migrated from the old NHS forum may well remember me… For those that don’t; I completed C25K last year, just after Christmas, I’ve gone on to run a couple of 10ks, Lincoln in 01:03 and York in 00:57, that was Summer last year.

I’m still running, on and off, but not exactly training. A lot has happened in the last few months, new job, new home, getting married, stuff. So I’m telling myself I can be forgiven for letting it slide a little!

Well, now I’m ready to make more of a training effort. I’m aiming for Lincoln 10k again, hopefully at least a couple of the Run-For-All 10ks, and a half marathon. Progress will be posted here.

For those wondering why I vanished, it was the forum; it just drove me mad in the end, losing posts and whatnot. So glad it’s been moved over!


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Howdy Andy, great time at York.


Thanks, I was quite pleased with it. Especially considering I was giving serious tought to packing at half way! Glad I talked myself out of it.


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