Weight Loss slowed?

I'vebeen following weight watchers for 12 weeks low, and I'm down 22 pounds. Very excited, and don't want to complain but I noticed that my loss has slowed considerably (from 2 -3 lbs a week to .5 - 1.5 lbs a week) since starting C25K.  No, I've read that it takes your body a few weeks to adjust to the new routine, but has anyone experienced this type of slow down in the Weight loss efforts with the program..... I've taken my measurements, they haven't really changed much either.


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  • You don't say how long you have been doing C25k for, but it isn't going to have a significant effect on weight loss initially. Even after graduation, if you run 5k 3 times a week, burning about 220-ish calories a time, that's still only 650-700 calories a week, which equates to less than a 1/4lb of fat. To get significant weight loss from running alone you need to get up to higher mileages.

    That said, what it will do for you is ensure that the weight you do lose from calorie rstriction is lost as fat, rather than lean muscle mass. Losing weight without exercise is indiscriminate, you lose fat and muscle equally, which is why people end up 'skinny fat'. Consistent exercise maintains the muscle while burning the fat. this is why so many people on here report looking more 'toned' (Gods, i hate that word).

    Do not however, get suckered inot the idea that muscle weighs more than fat and you are building muscle. You are not building muscle by running. Running does not build muscle. Resistance exercise builds muscle. Also it is nigh on impossible to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

    If you keep at it with the running and keep eating a clean diet (whatever WW allows as sins or however their sysytem works, just don't eat anything with sugar or processed carbs in) and you will become leaner. It works over months and year timeframes though. And yes there will be plateaux, but as long as the trend continues downwards, you are winning.

  • Thank you, I'm starting week 5 today.

  • Well done PotterBook on your weight loss that's fantastic! Keep it going!

  • I do weight watchers too and I have plateau d but I have changed shape , and feeling very fit, tummy flatter legs slimmer , feet smaller , they said it probably is me making muscle which is heavier than fat, ?? Anyway still on it and hope to increase my speed per kilometre to maybe shift it . 

  • Just read 'rignolds ' reply which is more helpful than Ww , thanks , 

  • I was in a thought that weight loss training programs do not work for men. I was 274 pounds when I joined the harvey brooker weight loss plan for men. I followed the 20/20 food plan( harveybrooker.com/weight-lo... ) and now I am maintaining my weight at 160 pounds. I do see that such weight loss diet plans work for individuals who stick to it and follow the eating routine diet plan as specified.

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