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Oh what a beautiful morning,

Oh what a beautiful day....

Ran in the sunshine, crisp fresh air on my face. English springtime is perfect running weather.

Although I graduated yonks ago , I still use week 9 podcast sometimes and today I did just that.

I am a Saints fan and found out today that a run to the St Mary's stadium and back is perfect for a 30 minute slow run, including warm up/cool down walks.

Perfect run.

Now all we have to do is beat Liverpool this evening to round off a lovely day.............!?!?!


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Well done Gyp! I'm glad you're enjoying this running weather. I'm laid up with a hacking cough, and the only thing running hereabouts is my bright red nose!

Another female footy fan here! I hope you get a win today! We have a televised game today, which is a rare occurence. Too bad I don't have Sky so the radio will have to do.


Who do you support miss?


good im a spurs fan so i hope you do ,i carried on using the podcast when i finished then put them on repeat for longer runs good old laura i had to let her down gently


I went to WHL in the 1970s LOL

Spireite fan here. I shall be at wembley on mothers day. Can't wait.


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