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Best run so far!

Just got back from my week 4 run 3, and I'm feeling so good! That was definitely the best I've felt running so far in the programme. I felt confident and comfortable, was able to go further on my runs than previously, and seemed to control my breathing better. The last two and a half minutes was still a bit of a struggle, but I'm not going to let that bring me down. I've never felt so good!

I do think the weather has something against me though. Or maybe it's just testing my commitment to the programme... It was a lovely morning when I set out on my warm up walk, and then as soon as I started running it started raining. Heavily. But I didn't let this phase me. It would have been so simple to turn round, come home and go back to bed but I didn't. I kept going. I beat the weather :)

Sorry for another long boring post, but I just felt so good I wanted to share!

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Its not a boring post at all, its great to hear how people are getting on. Well done you it sounds like you had a great run. I just love running in the rain- as long as the winds not driving it into my face that is! Good luck with week 5 too. x


Brilliant news! Keep it up!


Hi there - I completed W4 two days ago and I felt exactly the same as you and was so elated!! Such a good feeling! I've just done W5R1 and was fairly comfortable and still feeling elated! Still dubious about running for 20 minutes at the end of this week though but I'm sure Laura will get me through it.

Good luck with W5 - let me know how you get on xx


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