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Week 2 first run tonight


I'm still pretty rubbish following this site so I'm not sure who reads these posts or if I'm posting them in the right place?

Only started programme early feb, did one run then got flu and was sick for two weeks, worst time ever with toddler and baby : O

Anyway, I have managed the other two runs and am starting week two tonight... Legs hurt yesterday after running on Wednesday and found it hard to run breathing in freezing cold air...

Am I being paranoid or does running cause knee injury and cause things to sag? Keep reading all sorts on internet x

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I read your post anyway :) I think people can confirm any theory they have by looking on the internet - whether it's correct or not is always a matter for debate! I've just finished week 2 and the aching is getting slightly less each time. I took things carefully before starting this programme though and was doing some gentle exercise (exercise bike and walking) for a couple of months before starting C25K - not that I thought I had to, just that I hadn't heard of C25K at that point. When I was about to start doing C25K I took advice from a friend who is a runner and others on here, and got my feet tested at an independent sports shop, and got fitted with the correct running shoes for my feet. I was terrified about injury as I'm carrying too much weight so invested in decent running shoes to try to minimise that. So far, so good.

I still don't know how my body will react to the coming weeks but I'm just trying to be careful with what I do. I read lots on here as so many people have been through this programme and their comments and advice seems invaluable to me.

I guess any exercise can cause injury - it's what you do to minimise that risk that counts. I'd rather take the risk and get out there and do something that I should have done years ago - I've procrastinated for far too long about making myself healthier, both in mind and body.



The program is set up to help you guide your muscles into life at a very soft pace. I agree shoes can be an issue for some people, but there is a difference between muscle aches in the legs and painful joints. A good stretch after a run can help with a lot of the muscles aches as can a nice hot bath. A sore joint will be painful and has to have some TLC. As for the stuff online, there are many horror stories about what running can do, most of them are written by negative people who don't run. If you read through some of the posts here you will read about people who have had injury (due to wrong shoes, or upping distances to soon etc) and are working with physios to get running again. If it was so bad for you they would of been told to stop running permanently. This is never the case, every health official is in favour of everyone on the forum running and so many people have had this checked out with their doctors. On the sagging point a good sports bra will help. They can be bought In Many places and can range from£6 to £60. But all can do a better job than the average bra. Hope this helps and your soreness goes away soon happy running.

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I have just completed week 1 and am so glaf of a rest day tomorrow. I started my keep fit lifestyle just 2 weeks ago when I kicked off with swimming. I aim to do swimming once a week as well. I am a far better swimmer than runner! I really ached after the first swims and first two runs but I don't feel so bad now. That could all change next week but at least I am no longer on the couch :)


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