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#ukrunchat on Twitter


For those of you on Twitter, do any of you follow the #ukrunchat hashtag run by @ukrunchat?

If not, I recommend it!

It's a very friendly and welcoming community of runners, from total beginners to crazy ultra marathoners. Every Weds and Sunday night at 8pm they have an open hour where everyone goes a bit mad and tweets about everything running... questions, advice, footwear, nutrition, positive vibes etc..

There are a few people training for their first London Marathon at the moment so it's nice to hear about their journey and support them but equally there are c25kers too.

The mantra is to follow back if someone follows you so I've got a few new followers/follows from last night. I definitely feel more motivated seeing running tweets in my timeline.


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I joined it I have a realfoodieclub twitter account and it's been really good so far. Lots of information.


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