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Couch to 5K
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Well, if Laura says so,

then I AM a runner!

Some will probably laugh to hear I managed just over 16 minutes a mile overall and covered 2.3 miles in the session, but this is my best pace yet. It does include the 5 minutes walking at each end. According to the Garmin data that I uploaded to my training log at Fetcheveryone,com (a brilliant free site for runners), I even did a negative split today: first mile 16.09, second mile 15:38.

I did the 25 minutes continuous run with not too many problems even though it was a new route, which was a tiny bit undulating compared to the flat route I've used so far. It was time for a change as I've recently found myself having to do several loops of a car park to make up the time on my original route, which is only 1.6 miles in total.

I hope that as I continue and also lose some of the three surplus stones I'm carrying, I can get a little bit faster. Nevertheless, I don't expect to have reached anywhere near 5K in 30 minutes when I finish the programme.

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Well done Dewines, Its more important to do the time duration than the distance in a time at the moment that will come later as your stamina improves. I had a circular route that was eventually not long enough and did something similar to add extra distance, then changed the route to a there and back so that I could turn around at the half way point.


I was nowhere near the 5K when I finished & it seemed impossible. It wasn't but remember slowly slowly catchy monkey.


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