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So close!

I'm so close to graduation I'm getting really excited! I honestly never believed I'd make it this far. Even up to a couple of weeks ago I thought I might just drop out and never finish the program.

I did w9r2 tonight on the same route as the first run this week. I got a new personal best and managed 4.7k in 30 minutes. So close! I considered carrying on to the 5k, and it probably would have only taken another 2 minutes, but I was exhausted by that point. Maybe that can be a goal for the third run - regardless of time, keep going until I get to 5k.

Is it cheating if some of that run was downhill though? There was a bit of uphill at the start, which is always the worst time to be doing it I find - the first 5 minutes of any run are pretty much agony for me. After that I find my stride and I'm ok. But those first 5 minutes are really not fun.

I worked out my distance per minute and it's pretty consistent across each km, except the first one which is considerably slower. So I wasn't going hugely faster going downhill anyway.

I must remind myself to cut myself some slack. I'm really pleased with myself for tonight's performance, and indeed the fact that I'm out running at all! Unthinkable this time last year. So far I've convinced two friends to take up this program too - I don't think I've ever been an inspiration to anyone before, especially not over something physical! But there it is.

So excited for Sunday, when I get to graduate eek!

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The excitement of reading 'nearly there' blogs is lovely!

Yes, indeed, cut yourself some slack - you are running much too fast, and will put off everyone else behind you! That sounds like an impressive pace. Maybe don't worry about the pace for the final one - then you can have the satisfaction of actually reaching 5k on the c25k programme, and then build the pace afterwards? Depends what you want to achieve - but it sounds as though you've done really well, whatever you choose for your graduation run.

Well done!


You're right greenlegs. To finally say I've done the full 5k (regardless of time) would be amazing :)


(I didn't really mean you were running too fast - honest! Just that it's almost twice as fast as I can go!)

Enjoy it however it goes - I look forward to the blog.


:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Looking forward to a great Graduation blog! Gayle


I am in exactly the same position. It's very exciting to be so tantalisingly close.

I totally agree with you about how the runs progress. It takes me about 10 - 15mins to get into my 'stride' though. I wouldn't worry too much about pace. Last night when I did run2 I wasn't feeling too well, usually I am a bit obsessed with my time/pace, but last night I knew I couldn't do that. I was just thankful to be out there running.

I think you are very humble and a true inspiration. It is a lovely thing that the running just seems to have cropped up on you.

Here we both are, about to graduate, I feel in very good company. Will be thinking of you and all the other 'nearly there's on my graduation run. Good luck

Tricia :)


Thanks for your lovely comments Tish. When are you doing your graduation run? I'll be thinking of you - bring on the green badge :)

I definitely need to lay off myself a bit - just being out running is an achievement never mind the pace!

Good luck :D


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