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Hmmm Where shall i start?

Howdy all!

Its been probably about ayear since i completed c25k and ever since I've hardly run at all! I was going to start from scratch again today but as it happens my best mate talked me into doing my old 5k route which i did and we did it! We had about 4 breaks when we walked for only a couple of minutes so im so pleased! But now im not sure what to do now?! Do i carry on just doing that route and hoping that the walking bits get less or should i do some c25k weeks to build me up again? Any suggestions would be very welcome!

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Hi firstly I am no expert but saw your post and thought to my two penny worth . If I was you, I would do a couple of week 5 run 3s moving to wk 6 and see how you go from there. Good luck and great you are getting back out there! :)


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