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W6 Hmmm

W6 has definitely been the hardest week so far for me.

R1 actually was pretty good but R2 wasn't that great, for some reason it just felt so much harder which makes no sense at all after doing 20 mins run in w5, which I had no problem with at all.

I was feeling really positive before I went out for R3 this morning but not long after starting It just started feeling like a real effort and by around 15 mins had to slow to a walk for a few seconds but I did at least finish the whole 25 mins.

Am thinking that I should probably do another 25 mins run before offically moving on to w7.

Am thinking about changing my route, it was a rather boring one today so maybe that didn't help.

Am really hoping I can get past this blip and get back to really enjoying the runs like I have up until this last week.

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To start with, well done for going back to running after your tiny little walk, and for completing the 25 minutes. It's those pesky gremlins that dare you to stop! I'm sure this will prove to be a little blip and your next run will go better. It is very warm and that makes it harder to run.

Changing your route is always a good distraction but I found out the hard way that it's a good idea to walk it first! I got lost and encountered an unexpected hill which resulted in me walking mid-run.

The next 3 runs for week 7 are all 25 minutes anyway so I'd just go straight onto that. You will nail it, I'm positive. If you REALLY want to you could do an extra one, but I think if after W7R3 you're feeling confident it doesn't matter about repeating it again.

Best of luck with the running, you can do it, you just had a (very brief) moment today.


Well said Soozz!


Thanks Soozz. You're right, I might as well just carry on to w7 and see how it goes.


Yes, just keep going. You did 25 mins, even if there was a little walk in the middle. So what? You DID do the whole 25 mins, and who knows you might find the next 25 mins ok?

(I'm only saying this, cos I've got W6R3 tomorrow *GULP*, so it's a bit of false bravado!)

But, seriously, you CAN do it.


Thanks Vivwestie.

Here's wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow.

I'm sure you will be absolutely fine.



Well done - I also managed my W6R3 today - with a little on the spot jogging when the path was blocked by gorse!!!

Just keep at it - to be honest i am so slow that I hardly dare call it running - but still kept going,apart from a couple of strides when my legs just stopped of their own accord.

Do change your route though - it helps makes my running go much faster (not physically!!)if you have new things to look at.

Good luck for next week!


Well done for your W6R3.

I will definitely be changing my route for next week.

And I'm sure us tortoises will get quicker in the end.

Good luck for future runs.


Definitely change your route samdavi, it's amazing how it motivates you!

I had a dismal week 5 run 3 and week 6 run 1 - I found them so difficult and absolutely draining. I had lost my motivation and drive to go further with the programme.

Today, I spent ages playing about with online running route planners and finally decided on a new route. That, along with a longer warm up and an extra rest day (2 in total) was enough to help me on my way to my faviourite run to date!

Go for week 7; and perhaps think of abandoning Laura (if you haven't already!) and making a playlist of your own music now that there's no more interval running? It might give you the boost you need!

Good luck and let us all know how you get on.



Will definitely be sorting out a new route and have been thinking about abandoning poor Laura and have got together quite a nice playlist. Have found some free running music on iTunes as well, on first pretty brief listen it sounded quite good so will have a couple of choices music wise.

Think the reason I've found the last couple of runs so difficult is because my thyroid meds/level is a bit off, yesterday I noticed that my breathing wasn't quite right, a sure sign that something is amiss with my thyroxine dose. The same thing happened in W4, once I changed thyroxine dose everything was fine again so have again adjusted the dose so hopefully everything will settle down in a couple of days or so.

So sorry to hear that you have had a tough time the last couple of runs but you it sounds like you've got everything sorted out really well now so onwards and upwards.

Will definitely give some serious thought to having an extra rest day now that we are doing longer runs.

Hope you enjoy future runs.


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