Couch to 5K

I did it, I did it - W5R3 done and dusted :)

I measured my run and covered exactly 3km in 20 minutes because I lost Laura and mapmyrun kicked in and told me I had covered 20 minutes / 3km.

So chuffed that I managed to do it, especially that the last 6-8 minutes were on the slightest of ascents.

Hubby a bit annoyed with me, but I insisted that I wanted to do my run, and not his, and so he came on his bike (to protect me, as it was nightime) and afterwards I offered to bike whilst he did his session (he is about 2 weeks behind me) but he was sulky. I appreciate that hubby has been struggling a bit, but I have gone ahead and done runs in the day time when he hasn't wanted to and then he when he could have done his session (like that evening), he hasn't bothered.

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Congratulations, that's a brilliant time. Your poor hubby, I'm sure he'll mellow soon enough. Week 5 does feel like a real milestone, he'll be there soon enough. Well done again. :-)


Well done ZZ on nailing W5. And balancing hubby's needs too. I congratulate you for getting on with your own c25 k journey. Sometimes it's harder trying to fit in with another's targets, so carry on with the great work. Hubby will catch up in his own time. Very sweet how he is protective and accompanied you. Maybe he just wanted to watch your bottom! LOL :)


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