W9R3 - The One Where I Graduated!!!

I never thought I would be writing this post - though my hubby says he knew I'd do it because I'm determined ( for that read the fact that I dont like to be beaten by anything!).

I can't even remember where I heard about C25K, and I can't remember what made me decide to give it a go.

All I know is that I'm so glad that I did, and I'm even more glad that I found this forum on that Sunday morning at the end of week 1 when I came home and cried tears of frustration because I thought I couldn't do it and it would be the thing to beat me.

The advice, support and encouragement I received helped more than I could ever express. You've been fabulous!

Tonight I had my best run yet in terms of distance covered ( 3.51k in the 30 minutes)

Unfortunately my local Parkrun ( hubby did his 42nd this morning) has steep hills in it that my knees just can't cope with ( they screamed the last time I walked up them), and as we don't have a car I can't get to the next nearest one so Parkrun isn't on the agenda for me.

Instead I plan to carry on what I've been doing. I'll consolidate for a couple of weeks running for 30 minutes and then start to increase the times by 10%, providing my knees allow!


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30 Replies

  • Hurrah!!!! Massive well done!!!!

  • Thankyou!

  • Well done! You've done really well. And now you can keep going and keep improving and just keep enjoying it! I know what you mean about knees - mine aren't too keen on running either - but as long as you look after them and don't do too much you'll be fine!

  • Thankyou! I'm going to give my knees an extra couple of days rest this week. I'm hoping they'll feel better for it.

  • Fantastic and well done xx

  • Thankyou!

  • Yes, go steadily and listen to your knees. You can always have an extra days rest if needs be. Don't be in a hurry to progress, go steadily. It's safer! The last thing you need is an injury

    Have fun!

    You could give the C25k+ podcasts a go! 3 free podcasts downloadable from here and still with good old Laura. They will bring your running on !

  • Thankyou. The knees are going to get a couple of extra days rest this week. Slow and steady definitely wins my race every time - the same applied to my weight loss a few years ago.

    Thanks for the suggstion about the podcasts - I'll have a listen to them.

  • Well done. Good to see you have a nice, sensible plan for future running worked out. Enjoy it!

  • Thankyou! The first thing is a rest for my knees to see if they'll settle down a bit, and then it's on with the plan!

  • Fabulous !! Well done !

  • Thankyou!

  • Yay! Massive well done to you. Personally I found week 1, run 1 one of the hardest things I had ever done - looking back now I can smile about it ooh but at the time it was a right git! Happy running :-D

  • Week 1 run 3 was the worst for me - an absolute nightmare and I really couldn't see how I was ever going to do this. Then I found the forum and got some sound advice which helped such a lot.

  • Whoop ! Whoop ! Congratulations on a fantastic achievement ! :-) xxx

  • Thankyou!

  • Well done 😊 I finished on Monday. It's a great feeling isn't it.

  • Well done to you too! I'm still pinching myself to make sure!

  • Well done you! That's fantastic news you graduate you! Never mind about parkrun, hills are tough, build up gradually if you want to, or if not run on the level- the run is all yours to choose now 😀🎉🏃

  • Thankyou! The knees are going to get a few days well deserved extra rest, and then I'll go back to my earlier shorter route and add on at the end to make the 30 minutes closer to home if I feel okay after not running for a few extra days.

  • Well done you! What an achievement. I bet your husband is really proud of you, and I have a feeling that eventually you'll be doing Parkrun with him. x

  • Thankyou! He is, and our daughters too. It would be lovely to do a Parkrun with him one day.

  • well done !!!

  • Thankyou!

  • What an inspiration you are! I'm only on week 2 but don't think I'll ever get there - but reading no your post has given me hope!

  • Thankyou! What a lovely thing to say. If I can do it with all my ailments then I think anyone can. It's hard to believe it in the early weeks, but the programme really does work.

  • Congratulations, it's a great feeling isn't it :)

  • Thankyou! It's one of the best.

  • Yay, well done :) Enjoy the feeling. I'm going to give the C25+ podcasts a go when I next run on my own, good luck

  • Thankyou! I will have a look at the podcasts . My knees are going to enjoy a few extra days rest first though!

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