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Difficult run (w3 r2)

Just posting to give some hope to those who feel like they're struggling in the early stages. I'm doing this for the third time and if today had been the first attempt I would never have believed that this whole thing was possible. The fact that I accomplished the 20 minute run 8 months ago is keeping me going. Today I felt like the 90 sec runs went on forever and the 3 minute runs were really difficult. Knackered by the end! But I did it and the last run of this week is on Saturday. I am enjoying getting back into and the feeling of completion is still fantastic!

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Here here , I just started again from week 5after graduating in dec and running 3times a week for 30 mins girls a few weeks and then stopping , yes it was a killer this week restarting but at least in know I have done it before so it's achievable. It does get easier and more fun.x


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