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W7R2 - ditched Laura and decided to go it alone

I haven't been feeling too good today so I decided not to use the podcast tonight but to set out with my own music on and see how far I got. I ended up doing my longest run to date - 5.57km apparently. It was a great motivator having my own music on shuffle, and I felt much more zone-y, listening to the music rather than concentrating on my run and wondering how far I'd gone.

Turns out that The Smiths are great to run to - who knew? :)

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*GASP* No Laura?! I have to say that I am looking forward to running to my own music, 5.57k is a great distance for week 7, well done!! I have no idea who The Smiths are but gonna go find out! :)


Why not have both? If you use the app you can have your own music and still have Laura - she just cuts in and the music fades slightly while she sours you on. Like you, I found that with my own music I ran better and further and also the time seemed to pass more quickly. I believe some have had trouble with the app but it works fine on iPhone for me. Hope that helps.


Oops! Typo - I meant "spurs you on" not "sours you on".


I'm going to look into the app, thanks @Tintin1 - my phone isn't very well at the moment so I'm on my old ipod, which doesn't handle apps. Combination of Laura and my own music sounds perfect now that I'm onto the longer runs.

I think I probably ran a bit fast in some sections, because the music was a random shuffle rather than a running playlist - I was more tired at the end, but I did do the Laura trick of sprinting the last 60 seconds :)


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